Thursday, December 18, 2008

True blue pal

Soon and I were just wandering around town last night, just checking out the night life since it's been some time since any of us had been partying. We were going along the UPR (Upper Penang Road) stretch when Mark called up and asked if we wanted to meet up. As "busy" as Soon and I were, we hurriedly agreed and sped off to the Caltex station meeting point.
Mark soon arrived with Daniel in tow, and a bright set of HIDs were following suit... Whom other than our true blue touge kaki from KL, Shazwan was in town! We were chatting away to the sounds of Kardinal Offishall and having a few drinks from the store.
What does a touge-head do when in Penang? You'd have to check out the routes here of course! Daniel had already brought Shazwan and Mark up to the dam and back, but they'd left out one route so I could have a little fun to quench my "thirst". Without further ado, we filled up, warmed up and got to driving :) It was a fairly fast paced lap around Vale of Tempe, after which Shazwan got a call and we had to head back to meet up with his better half.
We were turning of to Gurney when Shazwan called and his DC5 got stuck on a low curb. Being an out-of-towner, he didn't know of the low, sloping extension in front of the traffic lights and went over it with his front wheels with his ass still hanging in the air. Soon and I lifted the rear as Daniel slowly released the clutch to unhinge the DC5's butt.

Shazwan was feeling a little down and out but luckily nothing major had occured and we all left for home happily ever after :)

The Silver Banana hasn't been to touge in quite a while. Tonight was a real refresher course!
*psst* We met a very "enthusiastic" Smart For Two on the way back. He drove like an ass, we had our fun and laughed our asses off! (Sorry no pics, I told you we were laughing our asses off!)
Chatting at the roadside is just... Old skewl! I likes...


Ray Eoh said...

i just kaypo kaypo only, i went up alone yesterday night, the road is touch up d.. good!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Wonderful news bro... We shall see tonight. Seems there are quite a few going up.

Myself included, after my long absence. See you there :)