Monday, December 22, 2008

Spotted.. ScAv in front of the TV all weekend!

Mark went for his company's annual dinner the past week as the organizer and won himself an Ipod nano (no conspiracies there, it was a legit draw). So during the weekend, I got a run through of what the Nano could do. It so happened the only thing loaded was an episode of this funny series I'd never thought I'd ever come to watch. I just can't believe, I'm now stuck on a series... What more, the series is titled, Gossip Girls! (Damn you Mark, damn you to hell!!!)
The characters (L-R): Blair, Nate, Serena, Dan, Chuck and Jennie. (I know... I can name them all... Damnit!)
And I am uncannily stuck on this... Like "ponna" (very in Tamil) addicted kinda stuck!
But it's all in the plot... Thus far, I've seen vengeance (the main driver of the charachters it seems), deceit, love, sacrifice, and all manners of occurences. But somehow, as the show progresses, you feel that there are just too many coincidences that happen and that Manhattan is a really small city :P
The story goes plain, dry, tasteless, and predictable somehow... Then somehow, you gotta hand it to the directors, it catches you when you least expect it and you're once again intrigued.
I for one totally enjoyed to watch how the rich spend their time idling, plotting, ascertan and (hardly) abstain. All that and still manage to be tracherous while still holding a smile to your face.
I gotta get home soon to start watching it again... Muahaha... And Mark's downloading Season 2 for me. What to do, economic downturn ma... Cannot go out to spend money, so stay home and watch soppie series lor...
Psst... Here's another reason why Gossip Girls have got my undying attention over the weekend.
Serena (the main protagonist), the former "IT" girl turned goody-two-shoes... With a flair! Blake Lively is simply perfect for this role, kudos to the casting director, and portrays all the emotions spot on.

I have to admit, she does sympathetic, sad and excited expressions VERY well...

What would the queen bees be up to next?



Pikachu said...

Bluek~! I watched the second season liao lo~! See until [censored... let you suspense abit] died and now waiting for their latest episode to be aired on January 5th 2009 in USA.
Yea Yea I watch ady,
I watch ady, yea yea~!
I'm still keeping the files (PPFilm format though) XD

Don't angry ya... Just pulling your virtual legs XD

ScAvEnGeR said...

You evil little critter! I'm still waiting for my friend to download them for me... Aargh.. I can't wait to watch season two after watching season 1's ending!

Oooh... And even... Er... I'm blabbering again... Dang!

kev said...

haha dont u want that babe for christmas, anyways, merry christmas to u scav

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev! Oh, so badly...

Merry Christmas bro. Hope you have a good one!