Friday, December 19, 2008

Downturn and not looking up yet!

I'm going to run the risk of sounding like an economist in this post... But heck, I just gotta say it. The economic downturn is hurting everyone's wallets. The "big brother" countries have been hit REALLY hard and when the big multi-nationals there start saving cost, all the smaller manufacturers will be hit big time. Every company is having a cost reduction fever from cutting leisure costs (claims, entertainment, etc..), utilities costs and the nightmare-ish manpower costs.

Penang is in a state of suffocation. Where consumers are saving up in light of the current situation whilst manufacturers dare not hold stock in fear of a huge inventory that cannot turn-over with consumer demands being at an all time low.

Heck! Even the touge sessions have decreased as everyone is saving up for the financial drought projected to be arriving soon.

BUT~!!! Tonight will be when the Northern Touge members, along with a sponsor of ours, will just throw caution to the wind and let our tighly buckled belts loose for a night out in the hills full of adrenaline pumping, and tire screeching action!!!

See you guys there, and bring your game... Hahaha! I'm just lovin' this.

p.s. I had to salvage this post somehow right? :P

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