Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Petrol price slash!

Soon and I were just out wandering the streets last night and coincidentally met up with Raymond (Golf GTi) and Calvin (Celica but was driving his GSR) near town.

Calvin's Celica started smoking around the bonnet area, with him in it looking rather cool, so we pulled into an Esso station to check things out. Calvin revealed that his radiator pipe had just cracked so water was splashing on his super hot FI block. Phew!

We filled up the radiator and reserve tank with pipe water just to get back when the Shell next door totaly shut down all its pumps and lights, but as far as we know it was a 24hr pump. Being the curious cats that we were, we went over once the lights came back on to see what had happened. The price of fuel had went down to RM1.80 for Regular and just slightly above RM2 for V-Power.

But the amazing thing was that Esso was still selling at RM1.90 up till around 1am. Haiz... The coy industrialist in us all....

p.s. Calvin got home safely and is installing Samco's today :)


Ray Eoh said...

yeah... can touge more d! Even more if tyre price also drop. hehe

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ya man.. I agree with you.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday, bro.