Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An old friend re-visited

My pal Hao gave me a call recently and he'd want to meet up for drinks and some automotive banter. So we decided to meet up at my fav accesories shop, Smart Tint, since I was getting my sub installed (A guy's gotta enjoy his every automotive experience right? Check back for updates).
Minutes into the install and Hao showed up in his pristine condition KE70. The reason I say his car is pristine is that each and every panel was welded, repaired and fully painted inside and out, he even replaced all 6 glass panels including the side mirrors. The interesting thing about his car is that its engine and drivetrain, as well as the baffled petrol tank was scavenged (ironically) from my TE (nicknamed Pooh)!
A short drink later and some chit-chat warranted a drive and where else than to take it to my fav test route. It handled beautifully and there were slight clunks and clatters everywhere but that's what old school rides are meant to feel like right? I enjoyed it thoroughly as most parts were scavenged from Pooh, this rebuilt KE handled almost exactly the same albeit with a slightly snappier tail.
Pristine condition 20-Valve Silver Top 4A-GE from the Pooh (TE). The entire engine had been rebuilt with all belts changed out and modified to fit into the RWD platform. I missed its roar for the longest time.
Monster Auto Meter tacho for keeping shifts spot on. Believe me, without that cap, the shift light is blinding... Fantastic effect, even during day time drives.
It's been months since I last drove a RWD and the experience was a nostalgic and emotional one. I miss my TE badly. Anyone wanna venture a build? *evil grin*
Thank so much for the drive, Hao, and hope to see you on the touge again soon.


Touge King said...

Kudos to the nicely done KE70 :)!

Ben. said...

nice KE-70 with duck-tail spoiler...solid mods

Merry X'mas Alex.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey TK, thanks a lot bro. I live to learn.. More on this build to be updated soon.

Hi Ben, thanks bro. Hope you visit us soon yea?