Monday, January 19, 2009

Kickin' back Sunday

After a super hectic week, being busy with the new shop and running errands of sorts. I took a breather on Sunday and went to the Pulau Tikus market for breakfast and just watch the rush for Chinese New Year as it does every year.

As I strolled on my jolly way without a thought in mind and a bun in my hand, I noticed the ever imposing "S"-Logo on an old Datsun (Nissan in its hey-day).
This called for further investigation and it turns out to be the Skyline "S" indeed.
What I had here was the 5th generation Skyline also called the C210 in the flesh! (or worn steel sheets if you will..) This model was just before the R30 whence Nissan started to name their Skylines with and "R" prefix.
It was old and rickety, but doubtless, it was a "had-to-be-there" moment when viewing the grandpa of the modern supercar!
After a few quick shots with my handphone cam, I "jolly-ly" strolled along further and came up to an Indian newsstand which I just had a quick glance through looking for automotive magazines. A beaut FD2-R caught my eye and being the first time I'm picking up Shift, it was actually quite a good read and had great coverage all the way up North to Penang.
Being quite absorbed, I was flipping through slowly and as I fingered the last few pages, I'd finally saw it! Our Northern Touge Race Day media coverage and published in a 3 page spread! Thanks a lot to all those that made it happen and to Shift and Hypertune for the opportunity as a feature article.
For all the participants that took part, GO GET ONE! You'll not be dissapointed.. We have two media covers for this event both published in it's Jan '09 issue.
English - my all time fav mag - Hypertune (I'll get a pic of it's cover up soon)
Bahasa Melayu - Shift


Ray Eoh said...

Obviously the skyline is for DVD delivery and escape from get cought.. (can see the lock for the rear boot)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Ray, excellent obsevation. I wonder if it'll make a "clean" getaway! Hahaha...