Monday, January 12, 2009

Torn and tattered

A couple of years back, I was searching for a bucket seat to hold me in place whilst "touge-ing" as the cornering forces were undeniable apparent. And due to my girth and mass, it was undoubtingly difficult to look for a seat that'll fit me. After much pains and trials, I found this excellent SPATS seat that fit me like a glove.
After extensive use, as the Silver Banana is also my daily drive, the covers were giving way. Sadly, it costs quite a fair bit to get the seat wrapped up and the original fabric is almost impossible to source due to its dated design.Thus, some compromise and "ingenuity" was needed to curb this issue. Cue scotch tape!

So with some handy tape available, and our belittled knowledge of custom fabrics, Tommy and I had the temporary solution "taped down", quite literally.


Blow Water Guy 吹水佬 said...

how much u get this bucket seat??

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi there BWG, I got is some time back and I vaguely remember the pricing.

So sorry bro.