Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VictorGR.. Pimpin' new outlook

I got a call from Victor yesterday just as I was leaving the office that he'd visited Soon at Mansion II and getting some new "peripherals" for his freshly coated RX-7. So after packing up, I was quite motivated to get a look at his newly styled FC since he's always had a unique sense of style.

I arrived a little later than expected due to a huge accident involving an industrial bus and 6 bikes, but that's a whole different story altogether.Here's when we caught Vic performing his JDM pose with his beaut yellow FC.
Nice rump with an excellent "circular-motive-thingy" decal with sakuras. Being the exceptional one, always, the sakuras are cut out of translucent pink tinting sheets.
VGR's new additions to the outlook. As always, Soon's workmanship is flawless.
Excellent install agreed to by the looks of that huge smile on Vic's face.
Thanks for calling me up for the meet Vic. Cheers on the fantastic outlook. Do call me up for a viewing when the paint's done ok? Cheers!
p.s. I just couldn't help but get a vanity shot of the Silver Banana, seeing how the rims shone after a good wash!


VictorGR said...

nice nice thxs for taking photo of my car for me hahaa..... now thinking of how to install the diffuser

ScAvEnGeR said...

The diffuser ponna headache la... Too low and it'll scrape the ground, and now can't go high coz of chassis obstruction.

Lw said...

beautiful FC Vic!!!
her style is improving more and more :D

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey there LW, it's indeed a beaut specimen. You can further check out this excellent ride at Vic's blog (http://rotarygr.blogspot.com/)