Monday, January 12, 2009

Further extension

As promised, the last installment to the body "enhancement" project is the installment of the final two diffusers. Brainchild of Fer and Soon. As usual, the placement took longer to decide than the installation itself. Sorry Soon :( Up close...
Pics are ponna dark since it was taken impromptu at night with my handphone cam. Thanks to Mansion II and Soon for the superb job done.


kev said...

hmmm, ur cars looking like an integra now, hehe, long time didnt keep up mate, life is just fulls of downs now, haha, hope u had a great year

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hahaha... The old 4-door version maybe.

I had a fantastic and eventful 2008, and I'm keeping high hopes of a repeat this year!

Cheers mate, and thanks for the well wishes.