Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Carnival Rukun Negara at PISA, Pg

This past weekend, there was a Carnival Rukun Negara held in conjunction with the upcoming elections at the Penang International Sports Arena. I was there as an ad-hoc helper, bringing the cars out for petrol and tire changes in exchange for free drinks and first hand view of all the action going on :P

The drifters there were very friendly and helpful in helping me learn a few tricks of the trade and giving me taxi rides, one of which were Tee Wee Jin and Ariff Johanis. Mervyn, Loyai, Along, Rudy, and Johan were some of the other drifters around. Alex was there as pit crew due to his car still being under modifications while Victor and Mike were also there to support and help out. Nice to see you touge.com guys again after soooo long since my work had ramped up and I'd been missing out on TTs.

This is Alex (MonsterV6) whom joined Victor and myself on a night out in town before the event.. He was feeling sad that his car wasn't here, so we thought we'd cheer him up with a little tour of Penang's "little Bangkok" (or was it bang-cock??? *hehehe*). It seemed to work! Check out that monster grin on his face!

Here are some of the pics I managed to snap in the midst of all the commotion and crowd that the sounds and smoke were drawing in!
Johan's newly acquired Laurel previously belongs to Jane. Beaut car which swept closest to the barriers and actually slightly scraped the barrier on the final day for a drastic finish!

Marvyn's beautifully done up Duke A31 and Along's drag.. er.. drift A31 :P

Loyai's smooth sounding RB-powered A31, sadly he was facing some tech difficulties on drift day.

Rudy's very rare AE86 coupe!

Ariff's Skyline R32. Great car.. Superb driver. Great show Ariff, I hope to see you again soon ya.

Tee Wee Jin's sleek 180SX with a monkey-of-a-driver :D

C'mon... Just lookit' him jumping around in all that tire smoke!

Oh! It also has b-e-a-utiful PIAA integrated headlights.

I had great company from Tee whom accompanied me through the event and we had lots of chats. I'll definitely look you up when I'm down in KL bro. Thanks again for the ride and entertainment.

Even Dzal the cyclops was there looking through his great big eye... See you in Ipoh bro. Take care.

It was a great event with lotsa smoke and sound. The drifters were fantastic crowd pullers and of course Wanbra the ever entertaining MC extroadinaire! He was the chattiest fellow I'd ever met with witty comments and entertaining remarks. Great show Wan, but pity you standing in the hot sun all that while.

Kudos to all the participants and organizers for a successful event.

p.s. Every drift car (other than Tee's and Ariff's) had one principle of the Rukun Negara each stuck on the bonnet.

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