Friday, February 15, 2008

Defensive driving with Sean Khoo on 15/Mar or 16/Mar

This is an excerpt from Tougeking's blog:

"Folks, we will be conducting a Defensive Driving Course in conjunction with the infamous Sean Khoo. Sean is a very difficult man to track down, so this is a rare occasion. If you are a motorsports enthusiast, clueless new driver, think-you-are-better-than-god-expert-driver, car dealer, or any car nut, this course will be a lot of fun, and it will come in handy when you get into an emergency driving situation.

Who is Sean, you asked?

Chief Instructor Drive Wise Sdn Bhd
Safety Car Driver for Sepang International Circuit
Safety Car Driver for Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS)
Fast Intervention for Sepang International Circuit
Chief Instructor for Lotus Cars Club of Malaysia
Chief Instructor for St John Ambulance of Malaysia
Shell and BP/Castrol Approved Training provider

Sean attended many courses and taught many as well. I was having a hard time deciding if I should list his full experience here, but seriously, it was too long :D !

So here's the link to download his CV.

Anyway, here are details of the Defensive Driving Course:
Venue: Kg Gajah, Dato' Sagor Track
Time: March 15th (Sat) OR March 16th (Sun) 2008starting at 9am (1 day course, choose 3/15 or 3/16)
Fee: RM750 per studentCar: Bring your own car
Payment details:The Rigpa Centre
MBB account no : 5081 7761 1306(Pre-payment required before the 10th of March.)
A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the course.
(Snacks will be served in the morning, followed by lunch later in the day.)

Questions? Call Kenny @ 017 5355 123 or Call Tougeking @ 016 50 666 00.

Update 1: March 15th (Sat) is almost full.

Please sign up early to avoid disappointment."

For all those whom are serious into the driving scene, this would be a great way of properly "introducing" yourself into the world of driving. It is a great eye opener and a fantastic learning experience to learn and be guided from one of the best drivers around our lovely homeland.

I for one will definitely be attending his course! Hope to see you all there.


Zoggee said...

are you joinning?

Zoggee said...

oops....... sorry. I didn't read properly.


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hahaha... No problem bro. Nice to see you're here too!

I'll definitely be going for this.

Zoggee said...

Dude,If I may...I've added your blog to my circle of friends.


ScAvEnGeR said...

No problems at all. I already added yours without permission :P