Thursday, February 14, 2008

No smokes at work!

My office HR just decided to ban smoking during working hours. If that's bad enough, they also banned us (workers) from making our much beloved java (coffee) during working hours. I mean, how much time can we waste making coffee when having a cuppa would quench our fix? Plus, the caffeine and nicotine helps for those addicts.

I was just pissed at this announcement and decided to take a look see around the net for such office culture and after looking around the WWW for some time, it seems that a couple of large dot-com companies are promoting a freer working lifestyle with "privatised" work spaces. Some even went on until the extent of allowing small pets to be brought in. They ain't losing money from doing these.

I believe that the more freedom is provided and the more relaxed staff are, the more productive they tend to be. That's just me though.


Touge King said...

Time for a new job, buddy :)!

ScAvEnGeR said...

No la... I love my job. Just that I love complaining about it even more :P