Friday, July 2, 2010

Silver's new fart cannon!

It's been ages since I got a muffler change and seeing that the entire contents of my currently serving Werewolf (branded) muffler has been corroded and the silencer has since gone missing, running around my daily tasks have gotten a bit too loud for my liking. Not to mention much bothered neighbors :P
So off I went to visit Kiong Lee where Kiong, whom has done my exhaust since three touge machines ago, understood all of my intricate requirements and knew immediately which muffler was for me. I'm a picky bugger when it comes to how my car sounds.. I feel that it contributes a a a lot to the overall feeling of my much loved weekend cruises, don't you?
Kiong chopped off the old (locally made) Milo tin muffler and brought out what I would expect to serve me well into the next few years. We tacked it into place and tested how this massive tank sounded, and immediately, I was sold on this unit, Kiong knows me all too well.
APEXi's Dunk Megaphone is soft at idle, burbles at higher flows and growls at high RPMs, yet there's hardly any audible noise in the cabin... Kiong mounted it slanting sideways and upwards, just how I like it to be... Perfect~!!!

Now maybe I'll get some Autosol and start working on its finish this weekend :P


DoriftoNeko said...

LoL u got a new muffler to play with now ahha have fun over the weekend

ScAvEnGeR said...

Yea dude.... The sound is awesome... I love it!

It's soft and quiet when I need it to and loud and brash when hot lapping :)

Anonymous said...

Hey bro
I am looking for a new muffler for my 4g93 NA, this looks perfect! Was it new or 2nd hand? Mind emailling me how much you paid for it? gliew(at)

PS Keep up the good work, need more car enthusiasts here in Penang!


ScAvEnGeR said...

Seeing my expense account, of course the muffler is second hand la bro. It costs below RM300.