Friday, July 9, 2010

Apprehensible anxiety and amiable angst

I'm hyped for the coming road trip tomorrow... It's always exciting going out in groups and visiting hometowns of the company we keep and getting to know their local fare. Awesome... This time we, the Northern Touge group, will be visiting Cameron Highlands (first time for me) and having a weekend vacation there. We hope to visit members' hometowns and to check out the roads along the way.

This'll be the first time Silver would be up to such a high altitude.

I'm feeling so anxious and pumped or this trip... Can't wait to start taking pics of the trip :)


Vince said...


Cameron highland is quite jam packed these days. Don't know why but ppl is pouring in there. Unless you start super early or super late be prepared for a massive traffic jam. Normally it will start to jam on the way from Kg Raja to Brinchang.

Take note that some ##$$%%^$# tow truck operator has been seen pouring oil at corners near the lower side (take note on a long straight downhill and a seemingly simple left corner, that is a very dangerous spot among others.

Any way... have fun :) Remember to bring some water and food in your trip. If the jam is bad, at lease your team have something to eat and drink.(for pissign you have to figure it out) (FYI: For a trip that is supposed to by 30minutes drive can end up to 2 hours is cdonsider bad for me).

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Vince, thanks for all the advise and notes. It was VERY jammed from Kg. Raja onwards and even into Brinchang town. It seems more ppl are enjoying the good quality of life up there. Loads of holiday makers especially from KL and Penang, many P and W plates were spotted.

The drive up was the best, at least until Kg. Raja. And I understand what you mean by that simple left after the long straight... Soon and I were caught by that too :P

Vince said...

At least both of you guys have more than enough experince from Touge to know that :) (At least saving te car would not be a problem). More importantly, you guys are safe and sound home.
I screwed up the first time iwent there with my wira 1.5 (noob mar..... )

ScAvEnGeR said...

No worries dude.. More experiences to come. At least we're back safe. So its all good :)