Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The weekend started with Friday night spent at Upper Penang Road for my first world cup experience (I'm not much of a football fan) with Tiger FC and their super huge screen.
Let me tell you from a non-fan perspective, even I was pulled into the moment as you can literally feel the tension and excitement of all the attendees there. The crowd was awesome as was the Tiger FC crew whom entertained us with a short dance during half time.
After a night of fun and a good nights' sleep, it was Saturday morning when I found this HUGE bee wandering about my room right as I was hanging up my towel from my morning bath.
I took it out with my specialist equipment... See below for pic of insect mass murder weapon! Did loads of errands, then cooked dinner (yes I cook.. I know...), then took in a swim and some gym time, and spent a wonderful evening at home with my girlfriend (cost saving for me and lovey-dovey time for her).
I returned to my parents' home to spend some quality family time with them and coaxed dad into having an Indian lunch with me. Wasn't hard work since dad is also a banana leaf kaki! We live in Tanjung Bungah so naturally, being a lazy Sunday afternoon, we visited Ananda Bahwan for lunch. Food was authentic and awesome! It's been a long time since I last had banana leaf and eating without utensils.

I visited Hyper Racing after work since I'd not been there in quite a bit and yesterday I aced the ISO audit for my company, so I got to leave early :) I was just talking to Soon at the back alley and thought to myself, "kinda reminds me of horsepower road (Sunway) backalley", sans supercars. Anyway, Silver needs a check-up and tune-up... Need to service rear brakes too. Haih... The pains of car ownership... But nothing feels as rewarding as driving a well maintained car for a long weekend out, which coincidentally Northern Touge will be having this weekend! Yay!
I came home for some swimming and met this little friend just by my door. A wonderful specimen of a moth complete with fern-like antennae and camouflage. Nice!
Have a great week ahead readers and check back next week for our road trip write up!


Vince said...

Ha ha ha... Sure to be a jam on weekends :)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Yea... We kinda faced that... :(