Friday, July 16, 2010

Petrol price hike

The government says subsidies cuts are necessary to maintain the livelihood, the continuity of our economy, and to improve the standard of living in Malaysia. They also say that Malaysians are paying the cheapest petrol prices in our region and targeted fuel subsidy to receive the cut! But what "they" fail to mention is that we Malaysians are also paying for the most expensive car prices in the world! What we pay in car price taxes can pay for our petrol subsidies for the lifetime of our rides.... WTF?!?!?!

Subsidies to IPPs (Independant Power Producers) should be the ones receiving the cut since their reported to profit from RM 100mil to RM1bil every year, as mentioned by Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua. Why the heck should they be receiving subsidies is beyond my understanding.

WTF are "they" doing and why is the rakyat (the people) made to pay for all the misconstrued budgets and funding, and "payments" to privatised corporations? Why are we made to "subsidise" all the funding that have gone down the drain due to over budgeted projects and mismanaged funds?

Furthermore, there are ones that imply that we, the rakyat, should look into taking public transportation to ease congestion and to reduce fuel consumption. The people's main utilisation of trasportation is to and fro work but our public transport, here in Penang, does not travel to the industrial area where the factories are located. So how are workers supposed to utilise public transportation in this scenario? Not to mention our busses are never on time and no one even knows the public bus schedule! How is the price hike justified when the people are not provided the infrastructure to cope?

p.s. I hear rumours that Penang bridge toll will also be raised, which we were promised would only be paid until the cost of the bridge construction was paid off. However, just as that date was approaching a few years back, the bridge toll was privatised and we're still paying toll to date.


Vince said...


This is the same shit but different color. Nice wording and excuses were used to dress this Bullshit up.
Where is our taxpayers money goes to? Do we have tranparent management which can declare how much we spend on each ouf our countrys project? All is Alibaba style..... subcon, sub-con, sub-con but still each can make money... so how amny layer of taxpayer's cash is layed on.

ScAvEnGeR said...

What to do... This is the land we live in, the land we love, the land we were made to be known as 1 Malaysia~!!!