Monday, April 20, 2009

Fat lady on Tun Sardon

Let me kick things off with a touge recap. I did a high speed touge with WH in his immaculate 350Z. It was truly a commanding sight to watch the fat-lady (which is a name I call all Z cars from the Z32 onwards) in action. Pure NA thrills from the torquey VQ35DE is just commendable but the Z's heft shows and ever so slightly creeps into understeer mode no matter how hard the suspension setup tries to mask this.
We arrived at the Balik Pulau market area for a chat (where WH's car turned quite a few heads) and some self-relieving from the adrenaline rush.
I just couldn't resist the camhwhore moment in the fat-lady's presence.
Trying to outrun this on the high speed Tun Sardon route is just mind blowing. The torque this bugger delivers is just awesome. Thanks for letting me have the chance to cruise in the Z, WH. It is truly something else.
After which we decided to part ways as it'd been a couple of hours and the sun was right above us, but still... A camwhore moment is inevitable.
It was a fantastic experience going up the touge with a torque monster on my heels. We have to do it again soon WH. Once my operation is complete... Hopefully in time for your departure.
Psst... Readers : Northern Touge members had another run later that week with WH, you can read more about it at WH's blog.

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