Monday, April 20, 2009

Body builder Fiat

One fine evening after work, I visited Mansion II to meet up with Soon for one of our weekly gym sessions when I saw this massive build autoshow Fiat. Soon had completed this as his last project at RABK before taking leave.
It was a slow and painful build with immaculate finishing, the paint itself cost upwards of RM7K. Even the interior was not spared.
As I moved to catch a view of the rear, I'd recalled that this model has an RR configuration like Porsche and the VW Beetle. So I took a peep in the boot to find...
An immaculate extractor built from 304 stainless steel. This custom fabrication cost the owner a whopping RM 1,200.00.
Although only displacing a kei car class engine, the acceleration on this beauty (up to one's perception) was Kelisa beating.
This restoration and body building excercise was just fantastic, the owner was so passionate about Fiat. He actually runs a Fiat restoration facility downtown and this is only one of his 3 owned, where the other 2 were complete classic restoration projects. This show car is definitely worth its while.

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