Monday, April 20, 2009

Clearvue - A screen replacement story

My old and battered windscreen (as much as I'd loved it) was just too beaten and had finally given way to the forces of granite impacts. I called up my agent and had him arrange the paperwork for a speedy replacement.
So Scav paid a visit to Yan Kee in Jln P. Ramlee for the works, they're the most acclaimed (super fast and clean install) "glass people" (they deal in any automotive glass replacement) there is in Penang.
A look at the shop with contact details clearly written on the signboard. I was the first one there and since there was not many customers around, the boss had time to chat and clarify my doubts on windscreen care and other urban myths.

His well trained staff only took half an hour to remove and re-install my windscreen. As seen in pic, work was done with care and precaution.

The new windscreen looks awesome. I have no words to explain how much the night driving experience has improved.
Since I got a new windscreen and all, I went all out to replace the old (never replaced since I got the car, but still working fine) wipers for a smashing new set of silicone blades. These babies need to be give a couple of dry wipes to coat your glass in a thin layer of silicone and all else is history.


xmizanx said...

owh change the new one glass ya...
murah ke harga kat kedai tu bro??

ScAvEnGeR said...

HI bro Xmizanx, harga kat kedai tu berpatutan dan kualiti kerjanya memang cantik.

Lagipun, kedai Yan Kee tu adalah penukar cermin yang paling besar kat penang.

Ingat call dulu pasal customernya memang banyak.

darius said...

bro, my front windscreen alot of scratches due to a shitty thing that happened last time... wana change new one means must go through the insurance agent right?