Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inaugural cruise with Silver

I'd just got Silver (my one and only.... car) back from Leong's (the painter) last week, so I went to do a little cruising as I'd missed Silver so much during its absence. I only managed to cruise down the street from my place, only to land up at Soon's shop for him to install my side skirts (now painted... Finally!) and to check up on his hybrid Scooby.

Here's Soon prepping my skirt for the install. He is a very dilligent worker by any standards. R-E-S-T-E-C-P~!!! (I watch Ali G a little too much)
And Soon's plastic surgery on the Black Bitch is almost done... It's gonna be a beaut Scooby.Soon was done in a flash and as it was still super early, I continued with the cruise and saw this incident.
A Honda City (with a tipsy driver) smashed into the curb, then onto a Honda Accord, and finally onto another set of pavement and ended up turtled.
Luckily there were loads of helpful fellows around and they literally "turned" the situation right side up.
Well at least the headlight still works... One of them anyways...
Silver being fed with RON 97 Unleaded. Looks so nice and fat with the skirts installed. Sweet!

A shocking end to an otherwise wonderful evening of cruising with tunes in Silver. Don't drink and drive y'all. Cheers!


Vince said...

Hi Scav,

Saw your car is with rear diffuser. Is it a custom FRP unit or oem clone? Does it work or just cosmetic? What is the effect with and without it?

BTW.... the looks is real nice now, matched with the engine mod. :P

Ray Eoh said...

Last week rainy days a lots of accidents happen especially those drunk driver. friday night 3am a innocent lady die becoz bang by someone opposite, i think drunk too!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Woah! Vince my man... It's just a glass fibre one-off that my bro Soon hooked me up with on a lazy Sat afternoon.

Nothing on effect and aerodynamics 'tho, just for the looks. All show, no go!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Ray, dang that sounds nasty. So sad to hear the lady had to go like that but what could've we done right? Fate I suppose, with a little hint of alcohol.