Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fly like an Eagle!

I'd experienced massive undulations and a whole lot of vibrations the past couple of weeks since I got my car and something was just not right. However, I soldiered on until the instability of the tire got quite dangerous, especially in light of current weather conditions (Malaysia has its monsoon season during its third quarter, or July to September)

So I drove on over to Fer's place (Chian Soon Tires right behind Kayu Nasi Kandar and Kiong Lee at Bukit Jambul) to have my tires checked. Tire pressures were all spot on... but upon removal, the threads were worn all the way through and I was already driving on the thread markers and my tires were already bulging (the worst condition). Fer got me an excellent deal for the Goodyear Eagle F1's, his shop is one of the largest Goodyear dealers in Penang. As the Eagle F1's have been rated and reviewed to be the best wet handling tire on the market, and our current weather, I grabbed at them hot off the bench.

I was just observing the difference in thread depth between the two, and the disadvantages of running a heavy car rears its (figurative) ugly, rubber consuming head. I just love the aggresive thread design... Dang, the thread looks awesome!
After driving around a while, I found that these tires are indeed a great all rounder with excellent grip in the dry and unbelievable grip in the wet, very progressive loss of traction, not as much road noise as my Kumhos and fantastic high speed stability (110km/h in a straight line of course).

Plus line tracking (tracing) and all round stability was up from the Kumhos.There's no doubt as to why it outranked all other tires as an all round performer on multiple independant tire tests.

Two thumbs up from me!!!


kev said...

these are goodyear eagle f1 gsd3's lol im using this on the shark, hahah they have aggressive threads and look nice at the back bumper, lol. im using 215/45/r17 whts urs

darius said...

scav, when touge to test out the tires? let us know ur review ya... hehe...=)

Ray Eoh said...

no wonder lah yesterday night gatal wanna touge!! now i know why... haha

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Kev, same fitment as yours.

Hi Darius, I already gave the reviews. Excellent all rounder bro. But this is only the first time I'm using such good rubber.

Yo Ray, shall see you this evening.

kev said...

tested the tyres here by tk, lol he finds the tires pretty fun, and went on to oversteer it, lol