Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dragon's Flight

After his maiden trip to the track last weekend, Leng was still doubtful of his Dragon70's abilities and stance, so we tested it out on the local touge!
Ewe Jin, in his pristine Kancil L200, called up just in time to catch the Dragon on his way up. After a short session and a couple of discussions later, a few flaws were identified and will be rectified over the weekend.

Watch out world, catch the Dragon's flight soon!


patrickgun said...

monster coming out !

ScAvEnGeR said...

Monster is out bro... Just need to fine tune the suspension settings.

Should be good now!

kev said...

flying dragons nice, all the crazy animals are out to play, lol.ive added some touches on my car today :D

ScAvEnGeR said...

We're collecting the entire zodiac! Hahah.. Jk

Sweet, I'll pop by.

kev said...

thanks for the comment bro, haha, yeah i found interesting adverts of my car, lol. damn im definitely heading to that direction, do u know any body kit builders? haah

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ya man... Carlsson is definitely the way to go. Difficult when washing, but will be well worth the effort.