Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silver's Ammendments

Sunday morning... Wake up... Doing my dirty deeds (purging and cleaning la!)... Fried some vermicelli for breakfast then called up the Fer for a meet up at RPM.

It was a lazy Sunday morning with beautiful cloudy weather which just invokes the "DIY-ness" in any petrolhead. So we brought Silver into one of RPM's bays and popped the hood to see what could be done.

I'd brought along my DOHC T/B for the Fer to inspect and he'd found some scum that the milling and polishing machine could not get to. He immediately got at it with some super fine abrasive paper.
Being the profecient and ever willing mech that he is, after every good job done, inspection is always warranted.The throttle body was smoothened out and all scum removed. Installation was immediate and testing went underway. Mid-RPM throttle was improved and idling was stable, high RPM power improved and on-off throttle response improved drastically.

But somehow, being the perfectionist that he is, Fer was not satisfied with the results mumbling on about how the 4G63 should be much more responsive.
After which he took a look at the crappy temporary fuel regulator I had on for trial runs. He spat at it and yanked the unit out.
Fer went and got one of his old Nismo (I think was done ala HKS design) units to be fitted on. This beaut little mechanical contraption made a beautiful tapping noise when its started up.
Looks like one ugly mutha, but who am I to argue with the top teams?
Fer then found that the air/fuel ratio was immensely rich and retrofitted a modded stock regulator for Silver.
Silver then revved smoothly and the RPM climbed without hesitation. The AF ratio had also improved and ran a little rich at high RPMs just as I'd requested... For engine longevity and all :P

Still unappeased, Fer started to play around with the ignition timing and further improvements were realised during on road testing.
Oh yeah... Norther Touge's highway monster had found a new pair of shoes! Looks beaut dun it?

Ooh... And I finally get to install my beautiful Mitsu strut bar, which I had in storage, after installing the modded DOHC T/B. Pics to come later.

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