Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of farting pipes and Frus!

Just felt like cussing and throwing a tantrum, but I'd rather touge to cool off right? I've been searching high and low for a 4G63 DOHC exhaust manifold and all I can find are cast items :(

I'd settle for the 4-2-1 which I've pictured Toda's excruciatingly painstakingly made model here.
And for the ultimate in choice, the awesome 4-1 manifold which I'd love to see/hear revved all the way to the stratosphere!
I would love to see my new engine with a shiny new manifold attached to its farting end of business. But heck, I guess Mitsu's most venerable engine is an FI enthusiast's dream, leaving us NA freaks bone dry for parts.

Psst... Silver's almost done at paint so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for now and I can hardly contain my excitement (this is the first time I'm sending any of my cars for painting) :P


Ray Eoh said...

Can it be done friday?? haha... Street Legent!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

I'm trying to expedite the process but I'm a bitch for shiny paint work so I won't hurry the dude too much.

I would love to try it 'tho. Dang I'm dying for a lap with them. They didn't really show their true "skill" last week!