Saturday, June 27, 2009

As good as it gets Friday!

Yesterday, big boss called an urgent meeting at 6p.m., being Friday and 6 being our time to get off work, we were properly pissed! Reluctantly, everyone gathered at the lobby only to be greeted by big boss wielding a cleaver and opening up durians (he'd brought from his orchard) for all to eat.
Everone were enjoying the durians off the back of boss' truck.
Big boss is in the long sleeved shirt and thick gloves opening durians for us.
Production's main man was awarded with the prized durian of the day.
There's only one 'biji' in there and the entire fruit is smaller than a rambutan.
After everyone's had their fill, everyone had a little extra to bring home. TQ Boss! I went to visit Silver, he's fitted with a new bumper, grinded down and plastered up. Now only waiting to be buffed then into the oven for paint.
Everything's going smoothly, Soon's car is also almost complete (Scooby conversion), and so is Daniel's. I couldn't imagine a finer ending to a hard week's work than this!

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