Monday, May 18, 2009

Scooby Dooby Doo

Another Scooby visits RPM for an intercooler swap. This version nine belongs to my very "painted" friend whom traverses the N-S highway often. Good choice on the car to be making all those trips in. I just love the awesome bodykit. Those little carbon fibre lips are just to die for. Even so, just the little front lip costs RM1,300.00. Yikes!
The intercooler is removed along with all necessary piping and prepped for the install.
Anyhoo... His weary old I/C had battered fins and loads of other "battle" scars. See how much ink he has on (himself I mean)?
Another STi unit is installed and ready for blasting.
This is the first time I've actually watched the Defi VSD in action.
This is where it all happens.
Ooh... Version 9 has the DCCD fun button for some "slide-ways" action.
Awesome STi keychain made from actual carbon fibre, every Scooby driver's necessity! You dun even wanna know how much this costs.
Finally, a Ganador item to complement the outrageous body kit.
We talked and drank the afternoon away whilst Chun tried to manage 1.5 bars of boost on his Kancil. But that's another story, for another time. 'Till then, see all you readers again.

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