Friday, May 8, 2009

Northern Touge Mega Gathering

Daniel and Soon were just sitting around chatting when Dan was struck with the idea of having a huge gathering of all touge kakis in Penang under the Northern Touge banner. A couple of SMS flew around and lo and behold. We had a mega gathering on our hands.
We all met up at the Balik Pulau Kassim, which we love coz got lotsa parking space, where friendly banter and chatter took place whilst more and more friends continued to arrive.
We managed to book 6 tables for all attendees and yet, our table was overflowing. We literally breached into the surrounding tables.
We did a little touge action and ended up at TB dam area where we cooled off to the excellent night breeze. Organizers Daniel and Soon can be seen laying back after the successful event.
Here are a couple of other members standing under the light having a chat and some automotive banter. There were many more in the shadows... You know us nocturnal types :P
Me Silver Banana posing with the most expensive touge car to date, a Merc CLS350.
Compliments to Patrick for this excellent shot of my Silver Banana with super bright HID backlighting. Thanks a lot for the great shots of our outing dude.
We concluded the evening's festivities with a cruise down to Gurney for a drink and off to bed we went!

Thanks a million to all the members that had showed up and for all that didn't... You missed out. Hah! But it's ok, there's always next time aye? You can be sure there'll be round 2, stick around.


Banana Peel said...

For those with cars - and cars that can burn the road only?

ScAvEnGeR said...

HI there Banana Peel, our gathering is targeted to bond automotive enthusiasts together. Be it a stock ride, or a track attack machine, we'd welcome you all the same.

As long as you got the passion for a little bit of touge action. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to meet up.

WE don't hate, nor judge ;)