Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hooked on '63~!

After delving deeper into the Mitsu experience, I've fallen for its' most illustrious powerplant, the 4G63. My recent excursions with the DOHC have gotten me more and more addicted, to a feeling I'm growing towards, a feeling I'm craving to experience again, an experience that lingers in the back of my skull, culling at my will, waning my restraint. Then it struck me... I'm addicted to torque!

After driving numerous turbocharged rides up the Penang touge routes, I've found that an FI FWD is a real challenge to be kickin' it with. But the amount of control involved, pedal work, and stupendous torque steer just livens the experience. I've been skulking around the www and found a tuner Sanjev is practically devoted to, the AMS team site. Enlisted are some of their works.

AMS SCCA North East Division Road Race Champion.
The multiple win, AMS SCCA South East Division Road Race Champion.
The brutal 2.3L AMS Time Attack EvoCheck out the stupendous rear wing... It bolts right onto the frame.
AMS is also the winner of the Castrol Top Shop Challenge where the target is the highest output per litre of capacity wins. This AMS beaut pumps out 1035HP runnin on only 100RON piss-water.. Dang!
Finally, for the 2009 season, the AMS Time Attack EvoX, which already has titles under its belt since November 2008.
With chassis work that's the stuff of dreams! Can you say chrome-moly costs moolah!
I know these being Evos and all... But with such potential that these turbocharged monstrosities possess, I'm sure the NA 4G63's aren't that far off... Right??? Right???

Guys... Wait up...


Lw said...

scary engines :D
they worked a lot on evos and seems they keep developing mivec engine...sounds interesting

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey LW, they definitely do. It's a dream for me to send them an engine to build.