Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Cardiac Transplant

The Northern Touge family seems to be facing lots of cardiac arrests of late. A multiplicity of members are getting loads of surgery done and worst case scenario members are getting transplants. What of this grim post? I'm actually speaking of the automotive sense and such cases area aplenty as seen here, even our meek Mark is getting a massive build in progress.
Here's a look at the donor whose turbine infused aortal pump now resides in Meek Mark's green monster.

The long time service 4G93 SOHC is now belittled and regardless, now sits in Mark's garden as part of the landscape.
A retrofitted bumper, by Soon, from another donor now provides protection for the intercooler in the form of a this aluminum mesh.
The I/C is well hidden and quite hardly seen from prying eyes. Heck, we might re-paint it in a contrasting black just for kicks!
As gleeful as Mark is of his 4G6X (*hint* Green Monster is still kept legal *hint*) "cuore sustituzione", he'll be leaving for the US soon and this little baby might be left to the ever caring hands of the NT team. Watch out touge kakis, another contender has just been born!
p.s. With all the current automotive excursions and regular upgrades, I guess a little write up on the Silver Banana would be anything but uncalled for. Keep your eyes peeled on this site.

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