Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday morning blues

Monday morning blues... Blue skies that is. Or at least that was when I left for work early Monday morning. I decided to have a drive up to Tun Sardon's vantage point to keep Silver's strides in check.

I arrived to wonderful scenery and crisp morning air filled my lungs. At that point, it all felt right, it felt as if its going to be an awesome day ahead! *amazing what a little touge and clean air does to ya*
I drove by idly Balik Pulau and decided to take the Teluk Kumbar way to the office just to see how the elevated highway was going on. I got loads of earth on my car from the construction going on there and everything is coming along quite briskly.
Took a photo at my favourite spot, where you can see the old road that'll be closed once the new highway is done.
I got a call at the office and met up with Kang at Smart Tint in Bukit Jambul to check out his new baby after selling off his L200 Kancil. His new project is a luxuriously large Nissan Cefiro in silky black paint.
We got his tints chosen (legal spec of course) and installed and I intro'd him to Chian Soon Tyres where he'll be getting his 18" rollers installed this week.
And yes... That badge tells it all... He got the 3.0 V6 model with the full shebang! See the owner standing proudly by his babe in black?
Cheers buddy!

And a great week ahead to all my readers.


DoriftoNeko said...

go to work not touge... or was it the other way around...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Work la...