Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Auto City Carnival (part2)

Finally, the piece de resistance, Soon's masterfully crafted DTM lookalike Alfa Romeo 156 which looked every bit the part along with Dekra stickers and the works! In the pic also is the man himself... Mr. Hyper Custom... Ah Soon~! Look at him beaming all over... But dun ask me why he's grabbing his balls :P

The ever supportive Toms Stickers were present and helped install some eleventh hour decals.

Even the lovely beauties were attracted by the winking Alfa that they couldn't resist raring their rears to it. Soon got some lovely pics of them and some with him as well. Lucky b@stard!
The Alfa clinched the first prize and Soon returned home with the Champion trophy that night. Congratulations and all the best with the next project Soon~!!!

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