Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Auto City Carnival (part 1)

Another Sunday afternoon was going to pass me by when Fer called up as he was planning a trip to go see the Auto City Carnival going on at Juru. I took a quick shower and off I went to meet up at Hyper Racing, where Kang's massive Cefiro was waiting to greet me.
We closed up and we were off to visit Soon at his display area. After a tedious search and finally parking Silver, we browsed the gallery a bit on our way to see Soon's display. I came by this curiously low Myvi on classic deep dish wheels... What puzzled me was how the participant managed to raise the car up to change wheel? It was almost scraping the floor it's sitting on!
Then as we proceed to Soon's area, the crowd suddenly got pushy and we were blockaded in a mass of homo sapien barricade. At which point we saw the parade had started, so our group also stopped to stare... At the cars la of course :P
Miss Auto City was on all the open roof cars and waving to all spectators. Photo op!
I couldn't withstand taking a pic of this modded classic. Sweet ride!
Like I sed... Time to stop and stare :P
The make up and fashion beauties were also out for a stroll, showing off their facial fascia and flowing gowns in the evening sun.
The group of us then took a rest at Subway for a hearty meal and some cooling drinks after making our rounds around the galleries. I had my fav... The veggie delight.
Soon then requested that we all take a group photo at his pride and joy... His masterpiece. So we did. And being the cheeky fellow I am, I took a photo of the photographer (Yan Yan) whom was waiting for all of us to get in line and for the crowd to clear.
Soon's other creation was an outrageously kitted classic Fiat which's model eludes me.

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