Monday, December 7, 2009

The Conclusion

The Race Day was a great success with much thanks and gratitude to all participants and sponsors for their immense support, encouragement and cooperation.
Here are some teaser pics for you to look over whilst our media crew process their shots.
The races were remarkably energetic and truly enthused!
I would also like to thank all the track helpers for being there to aid and to ensure the smooth running of all activities laid out.
My heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors for your support and enthusiasm. I would personally like to thank Northern Garage, Ultrex, Hyperlube and especially Federal Tyres for being there with their crew along with loads of displays, and their offer of the 595 RS-R series for all racers at the event.

Evidently, tyres are the best bang for buck handling improvement one can purchase! As shown with our RS-R shodden champs in multiple categories.

Thank you again to everyone that has attended our last event this year and we'll see you next year at the tracks!!!

Update (7/12/09): Pics can be seen at VictorGR's blog.

Update (10/12/09): Pics from our official photog can be found on his blog linked here.


DoriX said...

nice event... if only the weather is a bit more cooling it would have been excellent

ScAvEnGeR said...

Thanks a lot Vic, your comment means a lot to me. Biasa lah! We've been there so many times and its always hotter than hot.

Only cool if raining, but it would've been worse if it did.

DoriX said...

that's the point... lolz... alot of oversteer and understeer...

ScAvEnGeR said...

We would've had loads of fun then... Sadly... You're "car-less" and I'm organizing. Hahaha... Nvm, I do another one Solo1 style event next year!

kev said...

too bad i cant go, my friend had to go singapore, but shes coming back

ScAvEnGeR said...

You missed out on one of the biggest events at Dato Sagor Circuit for this year bro. Lots of us Northerners until Central M'sia were there to fight it out.

Awesome... But come around next time and I'll catch up with ya then.