Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Finalists!

Below are the list of champs that battled it out over sweat and blood for the podium finish!

1.3 Class:
Champion - Robert Loke
1st Runner Up - Sunny
2nd Runner Up - Sham

1.5 Class:
Champion - Nasir
1st Runner Up - Robert Loke
2nd Runner Up - Sunny

1.6 Class:
Champion - Nazrul
1st Runner Up - AK
2nd Runner Up - Nasir

1.8 Class:
Champion - Lee Chin Hooi
1st Runner Up - Bob
2nd Runner Up - Nazrul

Open Class:
Champion - Lee Chin Hooi
1st Runner Up - Yam Keng Yin
2nd Runner Up - Suhimi


DoriX said...

heard there was a fight that day what actually happend???

ScAvEnGeR said...

Yo bro, I guess you went back too early. There were some discontent over a slight bang up of cars.

Accidents, of course, are unavoidable on track and the participants finally understood this after a talking to and a courtesy prize was given out.

Luckily everyone got home safe and sound. Everyone's safety was our main concern all along.

DoriX said...

Scav my new blog link