Monday, November 23, 2009

Federal Tyres offered at Chian Soon, Bkt Jambul

We, the Northern Touge crew, have continuously strived and bargained to bring you the best from Federal Tires. In this final leg and with tremendous support and effort, Federal Tyres have offered their top performance tires for our event at a bargain price.

The 595 RSR series 205/50/15 tires will be selling at ONLY RM300.00 each... What a steal... and it's only at Chian Soon, Bukit Jambul!

Orders will have to be placed ASAP as delivery of the tires will take a week or more. Cheers all!


keatloon said...

Yoo saw u this morning (monday 7am plus)... was falling ur tail when u turn out from concord, till after fatties park.. then too the wrong lane stuck in the middle and u took the 1st lane.. and cant even smell ur smoke d~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey dude... Didn't notice you, I'm sorry... I don't condone this kinda driving on the streets 'tho.

I was late for a meeting on Monday morning. Had a con-call with US.

Sorry if I didn't acknowledge you. Will see you around ya?

Cheers dude.