Friday, November 6, 2009

Hyper Racing Performance (Update)

Hyper Racing Performance has been updating it's product and services since its launch on the 20th October, slightly over a month back. From a plain, bare-bones exhibit... To a colourfully laid out interior.
So here's a peek at what's, literally, on the tables now!
Seeing the thermo inefficiency of rubber as an OEM (it cracks.. *shock*), we've stocked up on loads of silicone products from hoses, elbows, pipes, you name it... Full range of Ultrex brake pads from OEM replacements right up to racing 800deg. resistant pads. Aluminium heat exchangers (radiators and oil coolers) and racing harnesses. We also carry the entire range of Triniti clutches and Hyperlube as well as Idemitsu engine oils.
All items are ready stocked and available from the get-go.

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