Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vios - Refurbished!

Soon has completed another "salivacious" car and its the ever popular Toyota Vios brought in by Joven's buddy. The car came kitted with a horrendous bumper and the full of gaps.
Soon brought upon himself to resolve the gap issues and satisfy his customer's requirements.
The bumper was re-made and most panels were remolded to close up all the "in-between" gaps.
Soon put in the final piece, the number plate, and the Vios was good to go. All this was of course brought to you by Hyper Racing with Soon's ever diligent craftsmanship.
After resolving most outstanding jobs, we were relieved and refreshed to take on a night's partying. It being Soon's birthday and all... We went to Khun Thai for wonderful thai delights.
Where the three stooges celebrated their birthdays together. The cake was specially made for us by our Northern Touge baker buddy, Sean.
Although stuffed, the festivities had to go on. So we continued at our usual drinking spot, d'Oasis. A few calls were made and all our buddies arrived... With Kenny being tardy, which he duely paid for the party!
Soon was feeling awefully artistic and decided to garble us a few tunes. Tall, dark and hairy Soon quickly gathered a flock of beautiful fans.
With an exceptionally affectionate individual taking to his broad shoulders! Hahaha...
An awesome end to a beautiful day. Cheers all!


kev said...

what a night, i wish to have a job in penang. pronto ! lol

hey scav, i lost your phone number, mine giving me a missed call at 016-5217030. got something to ask you


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Kev, I wish you had a job here too buddy. Then yo ucan join in on all the touge fun and Northern Touge activities.

Aight buddy... No worries. Cheers!

DoriftoNeko said...

aha lucky bastard

ScAvEnGeR said...

Damn right bro~!