Friday, February 12, 2010

Wading through some CRD Multigrade

It's the festive season and activities (especially automotive induced ones) have ground down to almost a halt with everyone beautifying and keeping their rides in check for the festive season.

I've multiple parties asking about the sudden slowing down in my blog, and I'm glad to say that nothing much has changed, only that upgrading works have been going on and everyone is still progressing in their careers and automotive wise.

One such tale is that Hyper Racing has incorporated and providing bodykit services. From skirts to wings, bumpers to aero installs, and minor modification jobs to full fibre fantasy project cars. All fibre works will be done by Ah Soon (formerly from RABK, then at Mansion II), whom is already reknown for his craftsmanship and dedication to completing kits to your fulfilment.

There will be some more changes, so watch this spot for highlights after the Chinese New Year.

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