Monday, February 22, 2010

Soon Soon Bodykits

Ah Soon is officially in business and taking names... He'll be operating out of Hyper Racing located at Sunway Tunas in the Bayan Baru area. Here's pics of some of his handiwork...

Pak Li's Perdana widebody conversion.
Philip's beaut Toyota Corolla LE...
Along with all round skirts.
Daniel's low down monster.. Custom fabricated with some creativitiy and loads of passion.
Here's some earlier work which is a massive... and I do mean Massive Fiat.
Fer's Evo III with monster I/C mod fitting.
Soon's personal ride going through a mid-life crisis. Changing from Evo to Scooby.
And the man himself at work. Check out the diligence.
And if you're thinking this dude is outta touch, check out his latest project car. An Alfa Romeo 166 widebody with full bumper conversions.
And trust me, those tailpipes not only look great but sound awesome.
Feel free to ring him up at 012-5731161 for free consultation on your next autoshow exotica.


DoriftoNeko said...

got bumpers for 180sx???

ScAvEnGeR said...

No worries bro. Soon can make anything happen for your beloved ride.

Come by to consult him or give him a call some time.