Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hyper Racing Performance Launch~!!!

A great big "Howdy" to all Northern Touge family members! It's been hectic lately and Fer's latest project will be unveiling itself soon. Us Northern Touge "kakis" will finally have an awesome site to get all our automotive worries and woes resolved, somewhere to hang out after a hot days' work, somewhere to meet up, to chat, to always see friendly faces... Somewhere to call HOME!

Store frontage bare and barren... But with Daniel's help (Civic turbo)....
We are proud to bring you Hyper Racing's frontage-with-some-signage.. And loads of cleaning done, of course.. Proper hygiene and all. See how much we love ya? The work area is spacious enough to fit two full length sedans.
With an innovative exhaust collector to rid us of spent hydrocarbons.
The soon to be completed waiting room, air-conditioned of course, with a select array of displays.
The counter and partial waiting area, where Fer will be dispensing his diagnostics and advise.
Toilets are well cleaned and far back, also seen is the lengthier exhaust fume collector, remember, I told you we could fit two in here ;)
The back of the shop where customization, splicing and wizardry gets on. You could wash your car back here if you'd like, I would.
Auspiciously colored rides attending the preview.
Brothers in arms... er.. In this case, rims :P
The signboard vividly lit at night for all to see, a beacon for all the Northern Touge community.
With the launch of Hyper Racing Performance, we will be starting a new chapter within the Northern Touge family, as we strive along our paths to automotive perfection. Finally, touge go-ers Penang wide will have somewhere to turn to for all their modding and tuning needs.

Come be a part of this new chapter in the Northern Touge “tengoku”!
Launch and dinner : 14 October 2009
Venue : Sunway Tunas, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Time : “7.00”p.m. till you itch for a touge session!

Hyper Racing direct line : 010-3043902
Christopher aka Fer Fer : 016-4772663
Leng aka Dragon70 : 016-4430016


kev said...

hmm, gonna be a great place to hang out then!


btw, typo on ur title, peroformance, if u get my drift. and yeah btw, my carbs are quad not twin, lol!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ah-hah! Thanks for the correction bro.

I see 4 inlets, but two carb systems (as in Weber DCOE) are cast into one single body.

kev said...

no worries, previous carb installed in the car was the datsun 120y carbs. which i think hampered the car's performance and made the car totally undrivable. probably sucked so much fuel out of the car anyways. but yes, good to have that removed and have individual carbs power every cylinder out there, hehe

ScAvEnGeR said...

Good that you're restoring and not modding.

kev said...

i guess i have to make do with the parts i have. it was a lucky thing to find those carbs. if i wasn't there at the right time, it will take years on restoring, like one guy on the internet has not even finished restoring when he started his project 10 years ago. damn!

but yes, i bought a nardi steering to temporarily use it till i could find the real honda steering, lol! check out my haul


ScAvEnGeR said...

Look on the bright side Kev. If it takes you a decade to complete with bodywork and paint... You'll have an awesome looking classic to drive around in time for your mid-life crisis!!! *yeeks*

I actually saw that steering wheel dude. It looks awesome on your classic.

kev said...

lol thanks man,

btw look at this guy, he restored 2 honda s600s, coupe and convertible, damn. the first one took 7 years! lol

but yeah, damn, i guess he is the ultimate honda freak. i don't think i could sustain 2 classics at one go, though i know a guy in KL who has 40 classics in his possesion. According to him, my coupe variant could be the only one in Malaysia and there are a few of these convertibles. One of them is in Sungai Petani, you could go there and have a peek

ScAvEnGeR said...

I can't access the site 'tho, but it's an awesome thought to know you're the only one to have that coupe version in the whole Malaysia!

Imagine cruising down Gurney Drive on a Saturday night. Awesome! Remember to drive me some time ya.

kev said...

lol, actually the car was still active back until 1997, thats when he last paid his road tax. the previous owner lives in tanjung tokong, batu ferringhi. obviously an old man for the pension for old cars. he has a fiat 500, mini cooper 1275gt, couple of mercs and. so had had 7 cars that were left to rust. shame. but i guess he had a great time himself. maybe you might have seen the car during childhood or maybe not. i heard these cars were distributed by boon siew honda, which now largely distributes motorcycles!