Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hyper Racing Performance Opening Night

It was an evening to remember... As the sun went down, our car count went up exponentially! From car nuts (those who live and breathe octane), to the simple automotive enthusiast... Everyone who's anyone in the car scene around the Bayan Baru area was there. Business owners, factory workers and even friends and family were all present to support.

Silver was done up nice and pretty by Tommax Stickers (thanks a bunch Tommy)
Daniel (Civic turbo) had come up with the banners and setup the shop for the evening's festivities.

Much thanks to all the flowers, thoughts and all!
Then the caterers arrived and lining up the buffet...
The early birds helping out with the event setup and reserving parking spaces for all our dear guests.
The three earliest "birds" all lined up.
And by seven, loads more arrived at Hyper Racing for the opening night.
Later in the evening, aural sonic booms and drift videos were seen and heard from our canopy...
Whom else but TWC coming by to show their full support. Oh and they also brought their demo car! Heh! Blingy!

It was also Mark's birthday that day so Daniel and Ewejin got him a birthday cake to which everyone belted out the birthday song, ever so loudly, to a bashful and blushing Mark.
The evening was coming to an end with the guests slowly clambering into their faithful machines and droning away into the night.
Myself, being the morning person I was, arrived at Hyper Racing bright and early to drop off Silver for a day's worth of scrutineering.
Help! Silver's swallowed Fer!
Yong is Fer's assisstant at Hyper Racing. He's young, but ever willing to learn! Aaah... We love fresh minds, we do!
Fer removed the high flowing Mitsubishi cyclone manifold in exchange for a common and simpler one. This should slightly reduce the powerband but everyday driving should see better mileage and lower powerband.
Fer and Leng got me a set of silicone hoses for my cooling system, which Fer duefully installed.
My first of many visits, and a very satisfactory one I might add, to Hyper Racing Performance located at Sunway Tunas, Bayan Baru.
Hyper Racing can be contacted at 010-304 3902
Fer Fer's direct line at 016-477 2663


pinG said...

can get turbo kit for my 4g15?
needs low end power from 2k rpm

DoriX said...

nice nice.. but why remove the cyclone head???

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi pinG, a turbo setup is one of the best ways to boost torque across the rev range and is not a problem to setup.

As you can see our first project of a bolt on our Civic D16B engine.

If you're located around Penang, gimme a call to meet up.
ScAv : 012-4077575

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hahah... Got new place for you to chekc around and hang out when you eventually get back to Penang.

Cyclone head removed to improve overall driveability and smoother response. Same thing why I changed my Toyota twin choke carb to a slider with single choke carb. I'm all about smoothness, I am! :P

DoriX said...

o.. okok, thus the cyclone has shorter intake runner compare to the normal 1????

yaya when i'm back i will drop by and have a look..

and for pinG question just my personal opinion if u have a turbo setup that will spool at 2krpm on a 4g15 i reckon u will be using a very small turbine to actually get it to spool in so low rev, which mean i believe it will peak at around 4k rpm at most probably u are not gonna boost anywhere above 0.6bar???

pinG said...

currently outstation, will give u a call when im around =)

by d way, using a turbo will it have issue with RON 95 petrol ?
and the kit consist of what items? the model of the turbo? plus the cost and time for installation

kev said...

good job and congrats with the opening night. i just finished my exams, so yeah, haha perhaps i will drop by penang soon one day to pay the shop a visit. hopefully u could show me around scav

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey DoriX, the Cyclone has one set of long runners for normal operation below a preset RPM, and another set of shorter runners which are controlled by a butterfly valve (kinda like TVIS). Once you hit the requisite RPM, all 8 runners will be open.

ScAvEnGeR said...

No worries Ping, gimme a call anytime and we can meet up.

As for the turbo kit details, you can discuss further with my mech. I can always arrange a consultation for you.

Cheers mate ;)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Come on by Kev, I'll be more than glad to bring you around.

pinG said...

DoirX : im a greedy pig and i need boost from around 2k to maybe 5 or 6krpm (redline).not about racing but syiok sendiri stuff haha,and currently in mood for turbo instead supercharger, read that roots design generate alot heats unless can find more xpensive screw type.

and reading that using too small of the snail it will block the air passage at hi speed (cant get the best of both world)

so if u guys got any type or model of snail maybe can recomend then i can look for more info online for further understanding =) the noob way of starting mod hehe

and scav i will gif u a call earlier when im coming down so can make a consultation reservation with ur mech. thanks yo

ScAvEnGeR said...

No problems Ping, hope to hear from you soon.

laosan (ラオサン) said...

Congratulations opening new shop...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Laosan.. Bro.. Long time no see. So good to hear from you after such a long period.

Great to hear you're expanding your business. So sorry I couldn't meet up with you last round. I'll make it up to you some time ok?


laosan (ラオサン) said...

Bro never mind, have a time i must go visit member new shop.