Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of late... Months past!

So what have I been up to? Definitely updating this spot in cyberspace :P
Anyhooo, here are the updates so far... Caught this lazy bug fixing up cars at Kiong Lee...
Got to gettin' some burger action at Uncle Burger situated opposite the Esso station on Pearl Hill.
Got to hookin' up my home with a new lux couch... I can really lounge in this bad boy.. and I'm no midget!
Cleaned out my fridge and found a bottle of Wheat Germ from way back.... Price tag told me it was from Super Komtar (now defunct)...
Check out the expiry date... This bottle was from WAAAAAAY back~!!!
Remember the tuning that I keep grumbling about previously? Got Fer to finally do me a tune up and the petrol consumption was excellent! I was doing 8.5km/l (which equates to around 21cents per km) with a little mechanical tune up and electronics wizardry. Acceleration was much better too... I think one final round of refining the mapping and I'm set.
I was hooked watching Hell's Kitchen (my domesticated half is settling in) and got to cooking me some salmon. Not half bad if I do say so myself... And I do!
What? Your car can drift? Mine can make ME walk sideways... Here's how!
Now add some ice to the equation.. and Voila!
I woke up at 6.30a.m. last Sunday and decided to pay my old weekend haunt for b'fast. I used to come here every Sunday morning with my dad for makan-ing. Right at the corner of Jones road.
'Till next time then buddies. Ciao!


DoriftoNeko said...

Scav is it even u blogging your english sounds weird

ScAvEnGeR said...

It's me la bro... Hahaha... I just wanted to see the response for another writing style. Hahaha... Sounds more "ang mo kau" I think...

What you think?

DoriftoNeko said...

sounds like vocab problem LoL

me ish da man ya

ScAvEnGeR said...

I gotta start blogging again soon... some time... But working a lot now, not much events and stuff happening.