Monday, April 12, 2010

Of pathways and crossroads

I know.. I know... There's been a lot of complaints and bother on my lack of updates, I'm really sorry guys, but the past few weeks were really hectic and I just couldn't find the time and mind to update my wee blog.

There were a couple of incidences and some self improvements happening over the past weeks, and I'm currently blogging from my new office! That's right, I've changed jobs and am currently attending to a customer issue whilst blogging. Kena mental block liao ma!!!

Anyways, I had a great touge last Friday and I hope to meet all my buddies again when time permits. Thanks for all he fun guys, maybe I'll bring around a new Type-R friend in the next few weeks ;)

Cheers all! And have a productive Monday.


DoriftoNeko said...

seriously u need more update i tot u MIA d

ScAvEnGeR said...

I really MIA liao lo... Swamped with work at the new office... Luckily got to steal a few moments from work to log in today.

Thank for the comment though bro.

Cheers buddy.

DoriftoNeko said...

we want updates, we want updates, we want updates........ *bergolong golong on the floor

ScAvEnGeR said...

No activities la bro... Working worst than buffalo at sawah padi lo.

Morning, afternoon, until night still working ler. Sad rite, my life?