Thursday, January 14, 2010

A weekend to a wonderful week!

I had a wonderful weekend with my family last week along with all the extended family members having a couple of outings and keeping grandma entertained. First meeting was at night at the Tanjung Tokong flats food court for some excellent Hainanese coffee and toast.
The old couple that runs the stall there serves a traditional set of bread with butter and kaya (homemade of course) along with their superb blend of Hainanese coffee.
Even my little cousin was having a ball with the nocturnal delights!
We were a little adventurous that night and decided to try their eggs on toast which turned out to be superb, the little guy licked the plate clean!
Here's a picture of the homemade kaya that sells for RM3 a jar. Pricing has not went up for years. Note that its rough texture denotes it's steamed instead of cooked atop a stove.
We decided to go back to the same food court for our lunch the following afternoon as there is an excellent Malay stall there that serves good food at reasonable prices. We then proceeded further into the Tanjung Tokong village to the Tua Pek Kong temple.
This corner of the island was previously a fort and you can see the battlements in the picture above and a watchpost, covered in roots and branches, to the left on the picture below.
The sand was just too inviting and the waters cooling, all the kids, myself included, left our sandals on the shore and went in for a little tomfoolery in the water.
My cousins looking out at the barrier built after the tsunami, that hit here in '05, as a breaker just in case there's a repeat performance.
The waters were clear and the beach was really clean, and from this outing we could really see that the beach clean-up project is going smoothly and effectively.
Another family was "dredging" for shellfish and the little guy decided to join in anyways.
And for the automotive inclined readers, don't you even think that one of my weekends go by without some spotting or other, I caught this on my way home. The driver of course caught sight of me taking pictures like a buffoon and decided to gimme a demo run off the lights. Let me tell ya, the acceleration and aural bombardment was immense!
Then on Monday, we had a rojak party at the office as one of our colleagues bought us some awesome rojak sauce from her home town, homemade of course!Anxious, I'm sure!
This fella was caught sneaking a bite before preparations were complete.
And here's the cutie responsible for buying us the prawn paste concoction!

'Till next time, ciao!


DoriftoNeko said...

who's that gal.....

ScAvEnGeR said...

My colleague la bro.. Still available! Interested?

We exchange info next TT ok? ;)

DoriftoNeko said...

hhaha sure sure why not LoL, available is always good to hear